The science behind our 102 factors

Rita First study:

At the beginning of 2022, we ran our first study. Over 1000 women across the US registered to be part of the first WIRB approved online study of its kind. Thanks to the results collected, we were able to enrich women's fertility research with new and diverse population data, from age, ethnicity, demographics, sexual preferences and fertility status point of view. This study has already shed light on discoveries that will provide women with a more comprehensive knowledge of their reproductive health.

Study overview

Our observational cross-sectional study was conducted by a comprehensive survey questionnaire, to identify factors that impact fertility and to advance the understanding of women’s reproductive health.

  • JAN-APRIL, 2022
  • WCG IRB N. 45055562
* Data Not Published Yet

The power of this data shows us how much we can learn, not just about the whole group, but also about the individual.”

Denny Sakkas, PhD and Principal Investigator

Our study was the first of its kind

The data we collected allowed our teams to study trends in women's fertility at a level that hasn't been done before.

1,000 Women

49 States

568 Births Studied

Our Principles

Fertility isn’t just about hormones and age.

Doctors on our medical board have applied the latest clinical research and industry gold standard to identify 102 factors that can potentially impact fertility - everything from your period to your medical history, your mom’s menopoause, to your sex life.

AI-powered approach

The analysis of our experts' work is supported by an artificial intelligence model built to remove historic industry biases. AI can uncover critical data points and patterns that may not be obvious, also allowing the experience of thousands or millions of people to be rapidly examined. In this way, we look at you not as a ‘patient’ but as a whole human being with all your unique facets.

Medical Board

A board of world-class advisors specialized in women's health (from embryologists and epidemiologists, to endocrinologists and gynecologists) ensures the application of the latest medical and scientific fertility health knowledge to our product.

Dorothee B. Bartels Ph.D. M.Sc.SCIENTIFIC ADVISOR
Lusine Aghajanova M.D. Ph.D.MEDICAL ADVISOR
Lizellen La Follette M.D.MEDICAL ADVISOR

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